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EvoraPro is a professional-strength probiotic for oral care. Taken once daily, EvoraPro supports gum and tooth health, naturally freshens breath, and gently whitens teeth. EvoraPro’s patented, highly concentrated blend of probiotics, ProBiora3, helps replenish beneficial bacteria1 after a professional cleaning and helps maintain a balance of bacteria2 necessary for oral health. EvoraPro is only available through your dental professional for in-office purchase, or online with a unique office priority code.

If you do not have a priority code, ask your dental office. If they aren’t already an EvoraPro office, they can easily sign up. Or use the EvoraPro Dental Professional finder to locate an Evora dental office near you.

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1: Hillman JD, Socransky SS. In: New Biotechnology in Oral Research. 1989:1-17
2: Zahradnik RT, et al. J Appl Microbiol. 2009;107(2):682-690